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Africans were great storytellers long before their first appearance in Jamestown, Virginia, in 1619. The rich and colorful history, art and folklore of West Africa, the ancestral home of most Afro-Americans, present evidence of this, and more.

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Every nation has its sacred land. For enslaved black people this sacred motherland has become the South of the USA. This place has become the land of suffering and the land of finding of peace and freedom. These main notions have found their place in the literature, written by the authors of Afro-American origin. It's a complex and complicated literature, which may cause a variety of feelings, but without dispute won't leave anyone indifferent. Irregardless of all the pain and hardship experienced in the course of more than a century, Southern land remained the spiritual motherland and the place of moral strength for the nation, who has won its liberty.

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The black writer must realize that his people are now entering the last phase of a transitional period between slavery and freedom: it is time for the black writer to draw upon the universal values in his people's experience, just as Sean O'Casey and Sholem Aleichem drew upon the universal values in the experiences of the Irish and the Jews. In the next phase of Afro-American writing, a literature of celebration must be created—not a celebration of oppression, but a celebration of survival in spite of it.

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"A compelling collection of essays on the ongoing relevance of African American literature to our collective understanding of American history, society, and culture.

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The challenge that Warren’s essay offers is not solely the continuation of what constitutes African-American literature, but also the deeper questions of what constitutes our concept of race, African-Americans, blackness, and black aesthetics. And, what is more, it is a challenge into the nature of thinking about these concepts as they relate to one another.

The dynamic course of Afro-American literature from oppression through protest to liberation is depicted in the anthology

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Naturally, many African American writers did not agree with the viewpoint that all Black literature should be propaganda, and instead stated that literature should present the truth about life and people. Langston Hughes articulated this view in his essay "The Negro Artist and the Racial Mountain" (1926), when he said that Black artists intended to express themselves freely no matter what the Black public or white public thought.

Get this from a library! Black is the color of the cosmos : essays on Afro-American literature and culture, 1942-1981. [Charles T Davis; Henry Louis Gates, Jr.]

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When the post's author Michael Underwood adds "We cannot keep pointing people at Heinlein, Asimov, Brooks, and Tolkien forever and expect those works to resonate as strongly with people born fifty years after the books were written" he means they are deprecated in terms of race and sex, not style or artistry. It's like ignoring the mid-century N.Y. Yankees World Series teams because they were white. That would not be a fan of baseball but a fan of identity where baseball is thrown onto a backburner, the same as in SFF. The truth is SFF's PC crowd despises the entire history of America for the same reasons. In PC rhetoric, "idea" and "race" exchange places while they pretend they have the exact opposite interest and agenda. Wrong race becomes award-winning SF author Charles Stross's idiotic use of the term "monoculture" and right race becomes "vibrant" and "mind-blowing" Afrofuturism. Intersectionalism's portrayal of American and European society as a racially bland monoculture in need of diversity to liven it up is a constant drumbeat. For an adult to portray the most sophisticated cultures that ever existed as a monoculture is so absurd one suspects active retardation must be at work. But anyone who has read Stross's non-fiction comments knows he and his PC community will defend as vibrant the stultifying Arabic culture that lays like an extinguishing cultural blanket from the Atlantic Ocean to the borders of India. Compared to the multi-linguistic Europe, the Middle East seems like a true monoculture.