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You will be glad to hear that I passed my examinations successfully. I have beenexamined in English, German, French, and Greek and Roman history. They were the entranceexaminations for Harvard College; so I feel pleased to think I could pass them. This year is goingto be a busy one for Teacher and myself. I am studying Arithmetic, English Literature, EnglishHistory, German, Latin, and advanced geography; there is a great deal of preparatory readingrequired, and, as few of the books are in raised print, poor Teacher has to spell them all out forme; and that means hard work.

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But, while we were discussing plans for the winter, a suggestion whichDr. Hale had made long ago flashed across Teacher's mind–that I might takecourses somewhat like those offered at Radcliffe, under the instruction ofthe professors in those courses. Miss Irwin seemed to have no objection tothis proposal, and kindly offered to see the professors and find out if theywould give me lessons. If they will be so good as to teach me and if we havemoney enough to do as we have planned, my studies this year will be English,English Literature of the Elizabethan period, Latin and German...

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My Children! My Africa! study guide contains a biography of Athol Fugard, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

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Ancient Indian education was fully fledged in all dimensions like science astronomy math’s philosophy literature medicine administration etc. we have profound educationalists like arya batta, ramanuja, Vivekananda, kalidasa, kautilya etc. while traditional education was taught in gurukula by guru while sisya use to respect the words of guru and render his service with great love and passion. In the similar passion guru use to transfer all his knowledge which gives him character and sound mind to react according to the situation. Later by the advent of colonial rule Indian education system suffered a lot. Colonial rulers were not interested in developing education in India as they thought it will question their existence in India. However British’s bended at last to the pressures of social reformers and Christian missionaries and promoted English education in India. This was the initial seeds sown for the destruction of Indian traditional education. The education pattern changed and shaped towards western education. Indian social reformers of that time encouraged it based on prevailing conditions. Slowly traditional education losed its priority and western education was glorified till independence.

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English women writers have never suffered from the lack of a reading audience, nor have they wanted for attention from scholars and critics. Yet we have never been sure what unites them as women, or, indeed, whether they share a common heritage connected to their womanhood at all. Writing about female creativity in (1869), John Stuart Mill argued that women would have a hard struggle to overcome the influence of male literary tradition, and to create an original, primary, and independent art. "If women lived in a different country from men," Mill thought, "and had never read any of their writings, they would have a literature of their own." Instead, he reasoned, they would always be imitators and never innovators. Paradoxically, Mill would never have raised this point had women not already claimed a very important literary place. To many of his contemporaries (and to many of ours), it seemed that the nineteenth century was the Age of the Female Novelist. With such stellar examples as Jane Austen, Charlotte Brontë, and George Eliot, the question of women's aptitude for fiction, at any rate, had been answered. But a larger question was whether women, excluded by custom and education from achieving distinction in poetry, history, or drama, had, in defining their literary culture in the novel, simply appropriated another masculine genre. Both George Henry Lewes and Mill, spokesmen for women's rights and Victorian liberalism in general, felt that, like the Romans in the shadow of Greece, women were overshadowed by male cultural imperialism: "If women's literature is destined to have a different collective character from that of men," wrote Mill, "much longer time is necessary than has yet elapsed before it can emancipate itself from the influence of accepted models, and guide itself by its own impulses."1

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In speaking of identity and the Anglophone Caribbean literary experience, it is necessary to emphasize that all such discussions/analyses should include the experiences of all of the groups and the unique ways in which they experienced the Caribbean. Needless to say, each group did not experience the Caribbean in the same way nor, for that matter, did they respond in exactly the same way. So while one can and may speak of a Caribbean experience or a Caribbean identity, it is necessary to be aware of the nuances of experience of each specific experience and how it played out in the region. Such an understanding of our experiences has implications even for today and how these groups express their Caribbeanness. Any analysis of Caribbean literature should produce a new reading of our condition. It should tell us how those varied groups negotiated their Caribbeanness, how it prepared them to occupy their contemporary space, and how the Caribbean crucible of experience modified their experiences. Much of this essay would be concerned with identifying moments in this continuing drama of identity in the Caribbean.