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The concept is used in popular discourse, and scholars have traced its use in American literature ranging from the of , to Mark Twain's (1884), Willa Cather's , F. Scott Fitzgerald's (1925), Theodore Dreiser's (1925) and 's (1977). Other writers who used the American Dream theme include , , , and . The American Dream is also discussed in 's ; the play's protagonist, Willy, is on a quest for the American Dream.

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History of the American Dream October 5 or 6, 2009 How do we make sense of poetry? October 12 or 13, 2009 Hope Vocabulary Review Due Movie: Pleasantville and 5 paragraph essay due 10/21 & 22.

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A reason you need to have a good future is it will take some pressure off of you. The good job will make your life easier. It won't make you have to worry about your job everyday like some people. For example, in by Lorraine Hansbery, Walter Younger is a young father that wanted to own a liquor store and be his own boss. This means that Walter had an individual American Dream which was owning is own business and being in charge of his own store. This matters because it shows that Walter had his own American Dream and it would've made his life easier. Another example of an American Dream is shown in the essay by Jon Krakauer. Chris McCandless' journey of finding isolation into Alaska was his American Dream. He wanted an easier, simpler life. This matters because Chris's dream became his reality, and unfortunately also his death, all in one journey.
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I think you did an awesome job with your essay! It kept me engaged and especially your introduction it kept me engaged into your essay and made me want to read on.I read the same book,and I agree that the protagonist Sundara did achieve the American Dream. I feel like your intro was not only making me want to read more I think that your introduction is unique because you explain what the protagonist's American Dream is and why she came to America. I really also loved how in your conclusion the way you connected Sundara's American Dream to the real world :) Outstanding job!! Keep it up!!

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The American Dream discusses the role of this theme in great works of literature such as The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Death of a Salesman, The Great Gatsby, and many others. With 20 essays and reprinted articles, this new title from the Bloom's Literary Themes series gives context and guidance to students studying the literary theme of the "American dream."

Your search returned over 400 essays for "Essays on American Dream in The Great Gatsby"

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American dream essays can be written from a general point of view also. You can discuss the personal experience of someone whom you know, who immigrated to America to fulfill their dreams. You can discuss the positive and negative aspects and form a conclusion on how feasible it is for various levels of people to chase their dreams to a foreign nation.