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CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION American Literature begins with the orally transmitted myths, legends, tales and lyrics of Indian culture among more than five hundred Indian Languages and tribal cultures that existed …

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There is nothing about colonialist or imperialist stories, though those words were not unknown nor is there any reason not to use them. For example the phrase "fourth dimension" is used in Bleiler's book over 170 times. Some variation of the word "colonial" is only used 22 times. The word "empire" in a military sense is used around 100 times, but more than half refer to non-Western or alien empires. The phrase "time machine" is used over 100 times. Even the word "invisibility" is used 86 times. No one would say American genre science-fiction was built on the theme of the fourth dimension, time machines or invisibility in and of themselves and there is no reason to say it was based on colonialism.

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Bleiler later writes "In ethnic matters science-fiction pulps concord with the general pulp magazines in embodying a male, white Anglo-Saxon world. Orientals, when they appear, are usually treated with hostility, while Blacks are almost altogether absent, except for occasional ridicule or occasional villainous roles." Here again I disagree with Bleiler's implication about a "white Anglo-Saxon world." That demographic was no more an expression of white racial interest than Egyptian movies are an expression of Arab racial interest. There is a reason we call the KKK the KKK rather than simply label it all "white Anglo-Saxon"(s). Aside from the reality of marketing in an America which averaged almost 90% white throughout 1912-1960, I think SF writers, in keeping with their desire to entertain or hide messaging, purposefully adopted the most bland and generic names and ethnic groups they could, in a sense banishing ethnicity in order to more clearly get at the meat of what it was they were presenting. The idea of an alternate explanation involving a shared supremacist ideology doesn't hold much water. As for his comments about blacks and "Orientals," Bleiler doesn't quantify his assertion to give it context beyond the word "usually," not exactly an academic footnote.

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. How did the Great Depressionand New Deal transform American politics?

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, the journal of the Haiku Society of America (and first called , a name chosen in a contest), made its appearance in February 1978. The first issue listed in addition to Lilli Tanzer as editor Yasko Karaki as consulting editor, and Stephen Wolfe as correspondent in Japan. The editors originally intended to publish all haiku submitted by HSA subscriber/members, but this policy was almost at once found to be infeasible, and the magazine welcomed haiku, senryu, linked verse, essays, and reviews by members and nonmembers alike. began as a quarterly and remained so, with a few deviations, through the end of 1995, after which time it went to three issues a year. The several editors [33] have brought various interests and skills to the journal, and over the years has been in the vanguard of presenting linked forms and haiku sequences, tanka, and haibun as well as high-quality essays and reviews. An awareness of the needs of the membership has always governed the journal’s editorial choices. ’s circulation is the largest of any English-language haiku journal.

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The exact same mechanism is in play in regard to historic colonialism. Within PC rhetoric and complaint in SF, entire empires disappear from the face of the map, leaving only British redcoats and American frontiersmen. The great wonder is that anyone with half a brain has ever fallen for this con in the first place. Yet SF's core institutions are as awash in this bigot parade devoid of morality, thought, fair play, logic, or principle as they are singularly devoid of Mughals, 100 years of romance fiction marketed to woman, questioning black SF symposiums, and Afrofuturism. Simply look at what is NOT being attacked to see what IS being attacked. And let's have no silly arguments these things fall outside the purview of SF; intersectionalists within SF never shut up about global culture. That natural intersection of race, gender and SF is revealed for the silly and bigoted con game that it is.

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Presumably we'll know that when all SFF is published by non-white gay women, unless the pre-teen Hogwarts brigade can come up with a percentage higher than 100% to attain to, like eleventy kabillion per cent. If Lizzie's culture takes over the West her descendants will be digging a copy of the Magna Carta out of the mud and thinking it's a shopping list. Orwellian language like Barrett's, especially since it gathers into itself a presumption of being expressed out of a sense of justice, or even love, boggles my mind. The fact she declares an enemy by racial and gender profiling and stereotyping that cannot number less than 100 million people (and many more if you are talking about outside America) and does so because she is against such bias makes that a perfectly Orwellian sentence. "A few more hundred years" also wonderfully evokes Orwell's permanent state of war in 1984. You don't have to be a genius to see the racially obsessed fanaticism of bell hooks or Melissa Harris-Perry standing behind such remarks. It seems we have more than a little Third Wave Intersectionalism mixed in with our Harry Potter.