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Ken Liu's 2011 short story "Paper Menagerie," was the first story to ever win the Hugo, Nebula, and World Fantasy Awards. and tell me what's been put in the backseat and what's been put in the front seat. Its fantastic element has been crudely shoe-horned in as an unimportant afterthought; its priority is plain. I'm not surprised it won the awards, any more than I'm surprised Ann Leckie's Ancillary Justice has been relentlessly short-listed for awards; "Paper Menagerie" is a nearly perfect expression of the modern day politically correct "SFF" story. It is also identity-bait. It may be a nice story, but in real terms it has nothing to do with the genre, and it once again speaks to people dragging their luggage into inappropriate places, while dragging down a literary movement. It's not that I don't like catsup - I just don't put it in the gas tank of my car; the engine won't run on it. "Paper Menagerie" is firmly in the Aliette de Bodard school of woe-is-postcolonialist-me sub-genre of SFF, with its not so subtle digs at the West, ethnic Europeans, and America. Frankly, I knew what it was about before I even read it, and it is that predictability and lack of faith in the larger human spirit which makes such work so tiresome and so lacking in entertainment. If you like that sort of thing - and many people do - it's fantastic, but not in a genre sense. One has to wonder how large a market there is for pity-fiction.

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 – Authors outside of the American Literature genre with themes that transcend boarders.

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, who rose to literary prominence with the publication of his 1985 novel, , a work broaching the subjects of death and consumerism and doubling as a piece of comic social criticism, began his writing career in 1971 with . He is listed by Harold Bloom as being among the preeminent contemporary American writers, in the company of such figures as Philip Roth, Cormac McCarthy, and Thomas Pynchon. His 1997 novel , a gargantuan work chronicling American life through and immediately after the and examining with equal depth subjects as various as baseball and nuclear weapons, is generally agreed upon to be his masterpiece and was the runner-up in a survey asking writers to identify the most important work of fiction of the last 25 years. Among his other important novels are (1988), (1991) and (2007).

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Writing in a lyrical, flowing style that eschews excessive use of the comma and semicolon, recalling and in equal measure, 's body of work seizes on the literary traditions of several regions of the United States and spans multiple genres. He writes in the aesthetic in his distinctly Faulknerian 1965 debut, , and (1979); in the tradition, with grotesquely drawn characters and symbolic narrative turns reminiscent of Melville, in (1985), which Harold Bloom styled "the greatest single book since Faulkner's ," calling the character of "short of , the most monstrous apparition in all of American literature"; in a much more pastoral tone in his celebrated (1992–98) of , including (1992), winner of the ; and in the genre in the Pulitzer Prize-winning (2007). His novels are noted for achieving both commercial and critical success, several of his works having been .

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– Grapes of Wrath term papers on John Steinbeck’s Classic work of American Literature.

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Read this revealing passage by Judith Butler in the 1999 preface to her book Gender Trouble that exposes something of the ideological origins that lead to what Butler admits is trying to reconcile the perceived abnormality of lesbians and the normality of heterosexuality, leading to them essentially exchanging places in self-serving queer theory feminist thought. One cannot fault someone for wanting to belong. One can fault someone for devising an ideological contraption that concludes others therefore don't and their patriarchy must be torn down to "denaturalize" it. These ideological origins and theme of this reconcilement and the similar means to solve that by demonizing men are a fundamental constant of gender feminism from de Beauvoir to Butler, and one completely masked as this brand of feminism is mainstreamed into America under the fakery of equality.

- Separate Reality Term Paper delves into a spiritual journey with a native american.

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Henry James is also an incredibly important figure in American Literature, but for very different reasons than Hurston. Indeed, James style is not as accessible or engaging as Hurston’s often is, and he is much more cerebral in the issues that he chooses to tackle. As Daisy Miller demonstrates, though, James has a terrific understanding of how to manipulate narrative to show multiple dimensions of characters, and his other work demonstrates this even further.

– Edgar Allan Poe’s effectiveness on American literature is very prevalent.

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