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But precisely because, in one sense, he is passive toexperience. Miller is able to get nearer to the ordinary man thanis possible to more purposive writers. For the ordinary man is alsopassive. Within a narrow circle (home life, and perhaps the tradeunion or local politics) he feels himself master of his fate, butagainst major events he is as helpless as against the elements. Sofar from endeavouring to influence the future, he simply lies downand lets things happen to him. During the past ten years literaturehas involved itself more and more deeply in politics, with theresult that there is now less room in it for the ordinary man thanat any time during the past two centuries. One can see the changein the prevailing literary attitude by comparing the books writtenabout the Spanish civil war with those written about the war of1914-18. The immediately striking thing about the Spanish warbooks, at any rate those written in English, is their shockingdullness and badness. But what is more significant is that almostall of them, right-wing or left-wing, are written from a politicalangle, by cocksure partisans telling you what to think, whereas thebooks about the Great War were written by common soldiers or juniorofficers who did not even pretend to understand what the wholething was about. Books like ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT, LE FEU,A FAREWELL TO ARMS, DEATH OF A HERO, GOOD-BYE TO ALL THAT, MEMOIRSOF AN INFANTRY OFFICER, and A SUBALTERN ON THE SOMME were writtennot by propagandists but by VICTIMS. They are saying in effect,'What the hell is all this about? God knows. All we can do is toendure.' And though he is not writing about war, nor, on the whole,about unhappiness, this is nearer to Miller's attitude than theomniscience which is now fashionable. The BOOSTER, a short-livedperiodical of which he was part-editor, used to describe itself inits advertisements as 'non-political, non-educational,non-progressive, non-co-operative, non-ethical, non-literary,non-consistent, non-contemporary', and Miller's own work could bedescribed in nearly the same terms. It is a voice from the crowd,from the underling, from the third-class carriage, from theordinary, non-political, non-moral, passive man.

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Dickens had grown up near enough to poverty to be terrified ofit, and in spite of his generosity of mind, he is not free from thespecial prejudices of the shabby-genteel. It is usual to claim himas a 'popular' writer, a champion of the 'oppressed masses'. So heis, so long as he thinks of them as oppressed; but there are twothings that condition his attitude. In the first place, he is asouth-of-England man, and a Cockney at that, and therefore out oftouch with the bulk of the real oppressed masses, the industrialand agricultural labourers. It is interesting to see howChesterton, another Cockney, always presents Dickens as thespokesman of 'the poor', without showing much awareness of who 'thepoor' really are. To Chesterton 'the poor' means small shopkeepersand servants. Sam Weller, he says, 'is the great symbol in Englishliterature of the populace peculiar to England'; and Sam Weller isa valet! The other point is that Dickens's early experiences havegiven him a horror of proletarian roughness. He shows thisunmistakably whenever he writes of the very poorest of the poor,the slum-dwellers. His descriptions of the London slums are alwaysfull of undisguised repulsion:

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By "lost/buried" what they really mean is imaginary people they made up out of their head. What better straight out example of how art takes a backseat in favor of segregating literature and engaging in discrimination based on radical intersectionality's paper-thin rules of racism and sexism few straight white men could pass? In addition to that, Crossed Genres is as much as saying they will censor any stories written in a traditional style of SF which do not represent its own pie-charted hierarchal rules of race and sex. Read this essay by Alfred Bester called and tell me who you'd rather hang out with. Given how effortlessly intersectionalist dehumanize the people Bester describes, the essay actually highlights the brightness and humanity of those mid-century SF writers and shows the brutal stupidity and lack of grace inherent in intersectionalism's disciples.

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Just so you know the score, in 2009 Scalzi allowed SFF personage (and 2000 founder of the Strange Horizons SFF webzine which features Rochita Loenen-Ruiz's anti-white posts) Mary Ann Mohanraj a startlingly problematic guest post where she asserts No surprise that Mohanraj dotes on or that she quotes Lorde (who remember is a supporter and colleague of Andrea Dworkin) in that very post. Lorde was also one of the earliest proponents of what we today call - surprise - intersectionality. In the same essay "The Master's Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master's House" in which Lorde accuses white feminists of "racist patriarchal thought," Lorde quotes Simone de Beauvoir. It's no coincidence Scalzi wrote in 2013 Together, Scalzi and Mohanraj have done more to introduce and advocate the hateful racial version of French Queer Theory into SFF than anyone. In a few short years the SFWA has become indistinguishable from a racialized lesbian gender studies institute for SFF literature. The Hugos is right behind.

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Then there is the issue of these authors being primarily white, English Canadian and not reflective of our modern multicultural society. As Robertson Davies stated, “Canada is not going to have a national literature in the mode of those European lands where a long history has bound the people together, and where a homogeneous racial inheritance has given them a language, customs, and even a national dress of their own.” 2 We need to look at the work of Canadian authors who have come here from

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bourgeoisie. The workers fought for their rights. Their political demands were expressed in the People’s Charter in 1833. The Chartist movement was a revolutionary movement of the English workers, they introduced their own lit-re, which was the first attempt to create the literature of the working class. A lot of writers became aware of the social injustices around them and tried to depict them in their works. Thus this period was reflected in literature by the appearance of a new trend, the