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One thing that Marxist criticism has not succeeded in doing isto trace the connection between "tendency" and literary style. Thesubject-matter and imagery of a book can be explained insociological terms, but its texture seemingly cannot. Yet some suchconnection there must be. One knows, for instance, that a Socialistwould not write like Chesterton or a Tory imperialist like BernardShaw, though HOW one knows it is not easy to say. In the case ofYeats, there must be some kind of connection between his wayward,even tortured style of writing and his rather sinister vision oflife. Mr Menon is chiefly concerned with the esoteric philosophyunderlying Yeats's work, but the quotations which are scattered allthrough his interesting book serve to remind one how artificialYeats's manner of writing was. As a rule, this artificiality isaccepted as Irishism, or Yeats is even credited with simplicitybecause he uses short words, but in fact one seldom comes on sixconsecutive lines of his verse in which there is not an archaism oran affected turn of speech. To take the nearest example:

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22. Literary History. Jan Pridmore. Jan. 2004. . Index of critical articles.
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In recent decades scholars from different disciplines, such as literature, history, and cultural studies, have been attracted by different aspects of Arnold’s thought; this interest is reflected in several concise and reliable overviews of his work. Good starting points are and the more recent , both of which provide historicist readings that take in a broad range of texts within Arnold’s oeuvre and present him as both literary author and thinker, although the emphasis is on the latter in both cases. is an accessible survey of the writings, with more emphasis on their literary value. Going back in time, is an authoritative, classic overview that pays close attention to Arnold’s literary achievement. has a more specialized focus on aesthetic consciousness and presents Arnold as representative of his age. Of the several collections of secondary criticism on Arnold, is a particularly good starting point, as it contains essays by well-known Arnold scholars who introduce specific areas of his thought and work. does a similar job, but it brings together selected essays from the early reception until the 1970s. (now ) was a journal entirely devoted to Arnold and his circle, which is especially useful for reviews and bibliographical information.

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The Current in Criticism is meant to provide the reader with a wide spectrum of current thinking, a sampling of some of the arguments, attitudes, and perspectives, which participate in the swirl of intense speculative energy that is so characteristic of contemporary theory. The editors describe this collection of 14 essays as "a tentative assessment of where we are and where we might be going in literary study, of what is current in criticism and of where the critical current might be tending."

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: A Quarterly Journal in Modern Literatures is a journal of criticism “in modern literatures originating in languages other than English.”

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As to the manner in which Shakespeare's fame STARTED, Tolstoyexplains it as having been "got up" by German professors towardsthe end of the eighteenth century. His reputation "originated inGermany, and thence was transferred to England". The Germans choseto elevate Shakespeare because, at a time when there was no Germandrama worth speaking about and French classical literature wasbeginning to seem frigid and artificial, they were captivated byShakespeare's "clever development of scenes" and also found in hima good expression of their own attitude towards life. Goethepronounced Shakespeare a great poet, whereupon all the othercritics flocked after him like a troop of parrots, and the generalinfatuation has lasted ever since. The result has been a furtherdebasement of the drama–Tolstoy is careful to include his ownplays when condemning the contemporary stage–and a furthercorruption of the prevailing moral outlook. It follows that "thefalse glorification of Shakespeare" is an important evil whichTolstoy feels it his duty to combat.

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