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Chinese Literature: Essays, Articles, Reviews

Chinese Literature: Essays, Articles, Reviews

Chinese Literature: Essays, Articles, Reviews, ..

"[Liu] presents a rigorous and insightful investigation of a certain Daoist philosophical heritage that has played no small part in modern Chinese intellectual and literary life...The result is a study that offers an intriguing view of not only the various treatments of Zhuangzi over the past century, but also of the ways in which ideas from Zhuangzi have become relevant for different writers at different times....Liu's study is a pleasure to read, and her methodology allows for a series of succinct and effective investigations that invite a broad range of historical, literary, and intellectual insights...the work is undoubtedly a significant contribution to our understanding of a number of prominent literary and intellectual figures in terms of their encounters with Zhuangzi, and will greatly enhance our understanding of Zhuangzi in the modern world." --Todd William Foley, Chinese Literature: Essays, Articles, Reviews

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“Disengagement by Complicity: The Difficult Art of Early Medieval ‘Hypothetical Discourses’.” Review Article on Writing against the State: Political Rhetorics in Third and Fourth Century China, by Dominik Declercq. Chinese Literature: Essays, Articles, Reviews 23 (2001): 141-152.

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Chinese Literature: Essays, Articles, Reviews 26 (2004), 159-179.

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The volume of historical literature on Sino-Japanese conflict is less than that devoted to Japan’s war against the United States or to the war in Europe. There do exist, however, several comprehensive histories of the Second Sino-Japanese War. The famous and well-written places the China war into a global context. examines Japan’s war in China as it impacted upon the struggle between Japan and the United States in the Pacific. It focuses on the debates and conflicts among military leaders on each side. offers the perspective of a Japanese Army officer. By far the most comprehensive volume on military conflict in China comes from . This multiauthor collection covers all major campaigns from 1937 to 1945 from Japanese and Chinese perspectives. For a perspective generally favorable to Chiang Kai-shek and the Nationalists’ war effort, see . includes essays by some of the best scholars from the West, Japan, and China. A particular strength of this book is its examination of wartime state-building efforts by the Japanese, puppet regimes, and the Nationalists. , written by an American military officer in China, covers the first four years of war from the battlefield. reviews military action and introduces a variety of important topics including economics, art, and science during wartime.

“Reading the Conflicting Voices: An Examination of the Interpretative Traditions about ‘Han Guang.’ ” Chinese Literature: Essays, Articles, Reviews 34 (2012): 1–13.

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Jon’s research, writing and his second university press book, The Subtle Revolution: Poets of the ‘Old Schools’ in late Qing and early Republican China (Berkeley: University of California, China Research Monographs, 2006) on the role of classical Chinese poetry during the modern era have influenced the direction of an entire field on rethinking the role of traditional genres, both in articulating and in reflecting the modern era. His book not only argues a thesis about the entry of modernity into Chinese letters in the late 19th / early 20th century, but also challenges the dominant paradigm in Chinese literary history.

His research in this field has been recognised as ground-breaking, both within and outside China: it has already occasioned PhD dissertations at Princeton University, UCLA, and book reviews of the monograph have been published in China Review International, Chinese Literature: Essays, Articles, Reviews (Wisconsin), The Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society (London) and The Journal of Asian Studies (Ann Arbor).

Prior to his present projects, he had already become an internationally acknowledged authority on the father of modern Chinese literature, Lu Xun (1881-1936), and as the principal Western scholar on his classical-style poetry due to his monograph The Lyrical Lu Xun: a Study of his Classical-style Verse (Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press). Jon writes in Chinese as well as English and his articles and reviews have appeared in Lu Xun Yanjiu Yuekan (Lu Xun Research Monthly), Shanghai Lu Xun Yanjiu (Shanghai Lu Xun Research), Wen yu Zhe (Literature and Philosophy) and other prominent Chinese-language journals. In addition, he has published articles and book chapters on Chinese cinema and the diaspora.

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William H. Nienhauser, Jr. is Hall-Bascom Professor of Chinese Literature at the University of Wisconsin. In 1979 he helped found the journal Chinese Literature: Essays, Articles, Reviews (CLEAR), which he continues to edit. Among his publications are articles in a number of major journals as well as several books, including The Indiana Companion to Traditional Chinese Literature, Volume I.