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The cold war was a long period of extreme political tensions between Russia and its Warsaw Pact Allies, and the United States and its Nato Allies. Historians disagree about the exact years of the Cold war, but most agree that it started shortly after the end of World War II and Ended around 1991. It is referred to as the Cold War because there were never any direct military conflicts between the United States and Russia. There were however, wars and other military actions that occurred during the cold war period that were a direct result of these political and military tensions. Because The Cold War went on for so long, and because so many events happened during this time period, there are literally hundreds of potential essay topics. However, this doesn’t mean that choosing a topic for your cold war essay is going to be easy. For example, do you want to focus on the events leading up to the cold war (causes of the cold war), events that occurred during the cold war, or the events that happened after the cold war was over. In order to help you decide, we have compiled a list of potential essay ideas for you to use. Please feel free to use any of the following topics.

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The stories are stories of what purports to be public-schoollife, and the schools (Greyfriars in the MAGNET and St Jim's in theGEM) are represented as ancient and fashionable foundations of thetype of Eton or Winchester. All the leading characters arefourth-form boys aged fourteen or fifteen, older or younger boysonly appearing in very minor parts. Like Sexton Blake and NelsonLee, these boys continue week after week and year after year, nevergrowing any older. Very occasionally a new boy arrives or a minorcharacter drops out, but in at any rate the last twenty-five yearsthe personnel has barely altered. All the principal characters inboth papers–Bob Cherry, Tom Merry, Harry Wharton, JohnnyBull, Billy Bunter and the rest of them–were at Greyfriars orSt Jim's long before the Great War, exactly the same age as atpresent, having much the same kind of adventures and talking almostexactly the same dialect. And not only the characters but the wholeatmosphere of both Gem and Magnet has been preserved unchanged,partly by means of very elaborate stylization. The stories in theMagnet are signed 'Frank Richards' and those in the GEM, 'MartinClifford', but a series lasting thirty years could hardly be thework of the same person every week. Consequently they have to bewritten in a style that is easily imitated–an extraordinary,artificial, repetitive style, quite different from anything elsenow existing in English literature. A couple of extracts will do asillustrations. Here is one from the MAGNET:

GLOBAL REGENTS THEMATIC ESSAY TOPICS AND DBQ SINCE 2001 (Global Regents Review Sheet) ESSAY TIPS FOR DBQ The Cold War affecting other nations.
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