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This essay investigates the literature on postcolonial literature. Particularly, it describes trauma as an important aspect worth considering in any study to do with post colonial literature. Further, the essay puts into consideration ways in which the trauma theory may shape way the current generation of students study the literature of post colonial era. Essentially, it encompasses a detailed analysis of the novels “A Distant Shore” by Caryl Philips and “She’s Gone” by Kwame Dawes as well as makes a reference to historical contexts and theoretical materials that have been encountered in this module. According to the essay, a lot of research has been carried out that focus on the manner in which post colonial literature reveals the amount of suffering engendered on humanity through colonial oppression. Furthermore, it explores the ethical as well as the political stakes that are involved in memory of post colonial works with particular focus on the issues to do with the Nazi genocide, slavery and slave trade, colonization and other acts of genocide (Audie, 1999).

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Racially segregated rooms and dinners.
Review-censoring whites.
Webzines devoted to promoting the interests and demographic presence of women, non-whites and gays.
Lists of editors and authors who are non-white, gay or women.
Publicly asking for help to "de-white" their library.
Boycotting all-white or male convention panels.
Calls to go one year without reading men, straights and whites.
Radical feminist based all-women and all-queer anthologies of SFF.
Alt-history fantasy racial and sexual revenge anthologies and short stories which take out historic whites.
Promoting or signal-boosted literature according whether the author or characters are women, non-white and gay.
Promoting black #Afrofuturism hashtags and having an Afrofuturism art and literary movement including symposiums.
Black SFF societies and symposiums.
Teaching that whites have “culturally appropriated” (culture theft) from non-whites.
Memory-holing any non-white institutions of slavery or colonialism in history.
Academic ideology and theory which stipulates all men hate women.
SF awards for women, non-whites or gays only or which heavily weight them in a mission statement.
Promoting “white savior” theories because they are tired of whites saving the day.
Creating hashtags and writing blog posts that claim any whites who mistake one non-white for another at a convention is a racist.
"Safe-space" websites so non-whites can dialogue without the interference of whites.
Writing about the random demography of SFF as an ideology exclusionary towards women, non-whites and gays.
Express race and sex-pride at lists of awards nominees.

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Beyond that, Kim is an adventure story of the Empire, giving it something in common with the novels of Joseph Conrad, such as Heart of Darkness (which is now also much attacked for its colonisl attitudes). The readership would have been British, and they would probably have been impressed and fascinated by Kim as a mysterious and exotic tale of adventure overseas. (For a discussion of Kim in relation to the literature of the period see Said [2]).

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Art and drama were somewhat more successful than literature. was a noteworthy painter of historical subjects, and two first-rate portrait painters emerged in and , yet all three men spent much of their lives in London. Theater was more developed in the Southern colonies, especially South Carolina, but nowhere did stage works attain the level of Europe. Puritans in New England and Quakers in Pennsylvania opposed theatrical performances as immoral and ungodly.

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A leading university in the world, National Taiwan University is striving for globalized collaborations and scholarly exchanges. NTU Press, playing an important role in disseminating top-notch research and scholarship in the Chinese-speaking academy, is now committed to expanding its scope of publication in English. This Series seeks scholarly works on intercultural encounters in literature and cultural studies, including East-West precolonial, colonial, modern or contemporary contacts. The Series especially welcomes monographs written in English or other languages translated into English. Conference volumes or edited volumes by multiple authors will not be considered, but volumes of essays with a thematic focus written by a single author are welcome.

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For all of intersectionalism's boasting about the nuance of nouns, they don't understand what words actually are, nor the simple descriptions of a building. In the midst of intersectionalism's constant postcolonial bleating, somehow the Alhambra in Spain is invisible, the Taj Mahal become Indian Hindu, and I guess the Empire State Building native American. And these are the people taking childish stabs at writing SF literature that is supposedly "mind-blowing." When you can't even control your own mind, how are you going to inform mine - with a philosophy based on endemic stupidity?