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Classics, contemporary fiction, young adult and graphic novels, sequels and adaptations: here are 10 ideas that will help any literature teacher use the vast resources of to connect literature to life.

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Our faculty in contemporary literature and culture are an appropriately diverse group. Areas of expertise include American literature and culture since 1945; African American literature and rhetoric; twentieth and twenty-first century world literatures in English; Latino/a literature; Asian American literature; American Jewish literature; the history of the avant-garde; poetics; the rhetorical discourses and practices of biotechnology; literature and other arts; post-postmodernism as the logic of “just-in-time” capitalism; queer theory; feminist studies; and disability studies.

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Faculty in contemporary literature and culture teach graduate seminars in such subjects as African American literature, experimental poetry, contemporary fiction, science fiction, cultural studies, post-colonial literature, various ethnic literatures, and scientific and medical issues viewed from literary and rhetorical perspectives. We help students understand not only the means of cultural production but also the cultural production of meaning. While we profess no common methodology or object of study, we believe that contemporary studies offers something not available in other periods, the challenge of grasping the contemporaneity of the contemporary, together with the long-term transformations wrought by modernity over the course of the past few centuries.

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Brock’s English Department offers challenging academic study combined with practical experience in critical thinking and in writing. Our programs allow you to study contemporary and historical literary texts written in English within their cultural contexts, to gain strong writing and analytical skills and to improve your public speaking skills, through our small seminars.

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Contemporary literature is a movement that emerged during the twentieth century. It is a modern form of writing which can also be called postmodernism. Postmodern writers created a new way of writing that is slightly different from the one of the first half of the twentieth century. Postmodern writers create fiction worlds and characters and they can mix them with real ones, characters can also tell different versions of a story, they use and accommodate the time as they want, it doesn't has to be in chronological order.
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Contemporary literature reflects current trends in life and culture and because these things change often, contemporary literature changes often as well. Contemporary literature most often reflects the author's perspective and can come across as cynical. It questions facts, historical perspectives and often presents two contradictory arguments side by side.

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"In the case of science fiction, the process of excluding the pulp magazines from the history of science fiction can already be observed in a number of critical studies, some of them well respected, for reasons that demand little discussion. Stories from the pulps cannot qualify for preservation on the basis of their literary quality, which is uneven at best, and given our contemporary commitment to diversity, the literature of the pulps appears to be discomfitingly and overwhelmingly white, male, North American, heterosexual, and middle class."

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Contemporary Literature publishes scholarly essays on contemporary writing in English, interviews with established and emerging authors, and reviews of recent critical books in the field. The journal welcomes articles on multiple genres, including poetry, the novel, drama, creative nonfiction, new media and digital literature, and graphic narrative. CL published the first articles on Thomas Pynchon and Susan Howe and the first interviews with Margaret Drabble and Don DeLillo; it also helped to introduce Kazuo Ishiguro, Eavan Boland, and J.M. Coetzee to American readers. As a forum for discussing issues animating the range of contemporary literary studies, CL features the full diversity of critical practices. The editors seek articles that frame their analysis of texts within larger literary historical, theoretical or cultural debates.