Echo: Essays on Other Literatures

Many of these writers who were once invisible or forgotten are now the subjects of literary studies and anthologies in Canada and Italy. We no longer have to depend on the modest books by Joseph Pivato to explain this literature: Contrasts: Comparative Essays on Italian-Canadian Writing (1985 & 1990) and Echo: Essays on Other Literatures (1994).

Echo: Essays on Other Literatures.

Pivato, Joseph. Echo: Essays on Other Literatures. Toronto, Can.: Guernica, 1994

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In 1894 the struggle of the Anarchists in France reached its highest expression. The white terror on the part of the Republican upstarts was answered by the red terror of our French comrades. With feverish anxiety the Anarchists throughout the world followed this social struggle. Propaganda by deed found its reverberating echo in almost all countries. In order to better familiarize herself with conditions in the old world, Emma Goldman left for Europe, in the year 1895. After a lecture tour in England and Scotland, she went to Vienna where she entered the ALLGEMEINE KRANKENHAUS to prepare herself as midwife and nurse, and where at the same time she studied social conditions. She also found opportunity to acquaint herself with the newest literature of Europe: Hauptmann, Nietzsche, Ibsen, Zola, Thomas Hardy, and other artist rebels were read with great enthusiasm.

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Palestinian literature reflects that sense of instability and vulnerability. The Palestinians were forced to live in the diaspora, inside the Arab world or outside; inside Palestine as 'as home exiles' or in refugee camps denied citizenship, prevented from practicing many professions and forced to live in a ghetto, in certain Arab states. Poems, short stories, novels and plays written by Palestinians echo the existential sense of loss, pain and exilic life that Palestinian individuals and people experience at home or in diaspora. The articulation of this kind of experience in literature is best encountered in the works of Mahmoud Darwish, Ghassan Kanafani, Emile Habiby and Jabra Ibrahim Jabra, in addition to other living Palestinian creative literary figures.

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