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bourgeoisie. The workers fought for their rights. Their political demands were expressed in the People’s Charter in 1833. The Chartist movement was a revolutionary movement of the English workers, they introduced their own lit-re, which was the first attempt to create the literature of the working class. A lot of writers became aware of the social injustices around them and tried to depict them in their works. Thus this period was reflected in literature by the appearance of a new trend, the

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Literature essay on the poem ‘Childhood’ by Frances Cornford.

Here several difficult problems present themselves. Theirgeneral nature is obvious enough, and I do not want to discussthem. I am merely pointing to the fact that, in England, popularimaginative literature is a field that left-wing thought has neverbegun to enter. ALL fiction from the novels in the mushroomlibraries downwards is censored in the interests of the rulingclass. And boys' fiction above all, the blood-and-thunder stuffwhich nearly every boy devours at some time or other, is sodden inthe worst illusions of 1910. The fact is only unimportant if onebelieves that what is read in childhood leaves no impressionbehind. Lord Camrose and his colleagues evidently believe nothingof the kind, and, after all, Lord Camrose ought to know.

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Comparative Literature is a rich, interdisciplinary field, affording students the opportunity to study literature across national borders, languages, cultures, time periods, genres and social fields, and to engage with disciplines as various as history, translation studies, philosophy, psychology, critical theory, religious studies, sociology, politics, and the creative arts. With such an intoxicating mixture of cultural forms and academic fields to study, it is all too easy to lose focus, and to neglect the fundamentals of good essay writing.

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The Union of the Parliaments of Scotland and England in 1707 to form a single and the creation of a joint state by the had little impact on the literature of England nor on national consciousness among English writers. The situation in Scotland was different: the desire to maintain a cultural identity while partaking of the advantages offered by the English literary market and English literary standard language led to what has been described as the "invention of British literature" by Scottish writers. English writers, if they considered Britain at all, tended to assume it was merely England writ large; Scottish writers were more clearly aware of the new state as a "cultural amalgam comprising more than just England". 's "!" is an example of the Scottish championing of this new national and literary identity. With the invention of British literature came the development of the first British novels, in contrast to the English novel of the 18th century which continued to deal with England and English concerns rather than exploring the changed political, social and literary environment. (1721–71) was a Scottish pioneer of the British novel, exploring the prejudices inherent within the new social structure of Britain through comic . His (1748) is the first major novel written in English to have a Scotsman as hero, and the multinational voices represented in the narrative confront prejudices only two years after the . (1771) brings together characters from the extremes of Britain to question how cultural and linguistic differences can be accommodated within the new British identity, and influenced . wrote patriotic comedies depicting characters taken from the "outskirts of the empire," and intended to vindicate the good elements of the Scots, Irish, and colonials from English prejudice. His most popular play, "" (1771) was performed in North America and the .

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(?1559-?1634) was a successful playwright who is remembered chiefly for his translation in 1616 of 's and into English verse. This was the first ever complete translation of either poem into the English language and it had a profound influence on English literature.