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The so-called attacks against the PC are generally along the lines of SFF literature being in English, a white Table of Contents, a male-heavy book display, anomalous, anonymous, unquantifiable or decontextualized sexual harassment, and passive scenarios they portray as "microaggressions." The dumb satire there is those supposed attacks against the PC are not as pointedly racist, sexist, dehumanizing and demonizing as those which come from the PC themselves, unless you're dumb enough to see a white Table of Contents, microaggressions or all-male book display as a cross-burning.

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Read what the people at the SFF Strange Horizons webzine consider important in this It is a must read of as a bizarre example of sheer obsession with race and sex and the "underrepresented," a word of considerable Orwellian gibberish. The list represents the typical race to the bottom to see who has the most intersections of oppressions who then rise to the top rung in this daffy upside-down world all about the rockets and dragons and the literature. The fact they call the list "Diverse" only adds to the Orwellian stink. #SegregationIsDiversity. Their diversity is as shallow thin as plastic wrap. This is how you spell "obsession":

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A DEFINITION. Literature, then, if one must formulate a definition, is the written record of man’s best thought and feeling, and English literature is the part of that record which belongs to the English people. In its broadest sense literature includes all writing, but as we commonly define the term it excludes works which aim at instruction, and includes only the works which aim to give pleasure, and which are artistic in that they reflect nature or human life in a way to arouse our sense of beauty. In a still narrower sense, when we study the history of literature we deal chiefly with the great, the enduring books, which may have been written in an elder or a latter day, but which have in them the magic of all time.

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What that hilariously means is that within these pathetic PC appeals to logic and principle the more one uses intersectionalist rhetoric right back at the PC, the more angry they get at their own racist rants, and the louder the accusations of racism, ergo intersectionalism considers itself racist. But that's a principled argument and intersectionalists are addicted to the opposite of that - identity and hypocrisy. The opening of perception and insight is in presenting the Greek dynasties I have written about; intersectionalism is the closing of perception at the service of wishful thinking and racial and sexual disdain and even hatred. That style of ferreting out perception is also one of the strong points of SF literature in its more sober expressions. Cults of identity-worship are incapable of making simple comparisons - using metaphor or analogy - which is why they so often trip over their own landmines. In intersectionalism, words and ideas literally don't mean anything. It's just a lot of garbled gibberish chanted while using a lodestone to unerringly bring you back to the Western straight white man.