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RH's now shut down blog is the literal embodiment of the mechanism of collusion that has overtaken SFF: a sociopathic non-white radical lesbian feminist who is a racist, sexist supremacist merely uttered the word "oppression" and middle class white heterosexual social justice warriors eager to fight crime wherever they found it transformed her neo-Nazi-like Asian Stormfront web site into a credible voice of wisdom when it came to the most intersectionally oppressed person in regard to all the PC's most favored checkmarks. Those checkmarks were the homophobia, racism, sexism and lack of privilege experienced by the opposite number to the straight white male. It never occurred to the social justice warriors to imagine where the ideological basis for the hideously distorted version of all of those checkmarks came from or that they might not even exist in the real world in anything like the form they were presented in. That's where we stand today: hysterical sociopathic racists and middle class cis-het social justice warrior drama queens bending the knee in a perfect goofy alliance.

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What you see staring back at you from that page on the blog of Jim Hines that acts as a clearing house for social justice warriors is the rhetoric, bigotry, supremacism and madness of venerable and influential radical lesbian gender feminists like Andrea Dworkin, Charlotte Bunch, Joyce Trebilcot and combined with later racialized intersectionalist versions like bell hooks and Kimberle Crenshaw. Given the nature of Hines' fiction and non-fiction, his blog's cartoon header of him as a goblin staring at what can easily be parsed as one lesbian caressing another is far from symbolic. If you don't know who those feminists above are or also names like Judith Butler, Audre Lorde and Donna Haraway, then you have no hope of understanding what is at work today in the core SFF community. And about how nuts Millett was. It's affliction feminists. In fact one might argue their ideology arises from trying to reconcile their madness by painting society as the thing that's mad. That's where my compassion for mental illness evaporates - when it becomes focused on my skin and sex, and that of millions of others, all because of the selfish narcissism of these . I will not have equal protection whittled away because of phantasms.

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Artistry is a thing all can share in - shitty writing and story-telling will not draw people to a genre other than in regards a very tiny and insulated group who are willing to overlook that in order to see themselves in a mirror. The Tiptree Awards has been going down that route for years and no one wants the SFF they're selling. Mainstream that and you mainstream the death of a genre to whatever extent it is successful. And again, the stupid upshot is this is done by people who claim identity-advocacy was ideologically enforced in SFF for decades, reaching back 100 years, and that it is wrong to do so. The problem there is that never took place. The artistry of the work speaks for itself, just as the amateurish identity-literature of SFF's core writers speaks for itself. Women won't destroy science fiction - racial and sexual bigotry that laughingly rents out the word "feminism" will.

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Intersectionalist SF today is the type of literature white supremacists might write if they became interested in SF for some reason. The irony there is SF's modern feminists not only already believe all of Golden Age SF was white supremacist, but the reason the PC's own feminist doused SF exists is as a reaction to that. Old school SF wasn't supremacist or colonialist or racist or any of that nonsense. Within or without that old literature there is no sign of a cohesive shared ideology with the shared racial and sexual demonization theories and academic vocabulary the PC themselves use like a production line. The intersectional Third Wave feminism which is the heart of core SF can't make that distinction (or any simple comparisons really) because they are literalists - identity addicts. They are unable to think in terms of a philosophical or intellectual shared human space but instead can only think in terms of race and sex. That's the reason they invoke the completely meaningless idiocy called "Godwin's Law" whenever anyone probes too deeply into the supremacist and racist literature the PC are selling. In other words there will never be anyone LIKE a Nazi - only an actual Nazi.

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Insensate radical lesbian activists like Andrea Dworkin and her entire '70s cadre have a psychotic phobia of straight men. That phobia, now new and improved by the black intersectionalist '90s version, is transmitted by proxy to mainstream middle-class women and their allies in SFF in a kind of a cool factor/street cred way like The Beatles doted on blues musicians as special people with special insights by virtue of being black. Ironically that's the same mechanism of skin privilege feminists talk about today. Today, SFF's analogy to the starry-eyed Beatles see gay, black and lesbian in the same cool cutting edge way. They feel if they adopt anything a black lesbian says they are unerringly adopting truth to power and the real deal about real life and real oppression by the experts, just like '60s black blues musicians were the real experts in heartache and pain. SFF's goofballs despise surface privilege at the same time they unquestioningly embrace it by becoming a large ear that listens and doesn't talk while claiming straight white men must then have even bigger ears and talk even less.