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The fact that we always interpret literary works to some extent in thelight of our own concerns -indeed that in one sense o 'our own concerns'we are incapable of doing anything else - might be one reason why certainworks of literature seem to retain their value across the centuries. Itmay be, of course, that we still share many preoccupations with the workitself; but i may also be that people have not actually been valuing the'same' work at all, even though they may think they have. 'Our Homer isnot identical with the Homer of the Middle Ages, no 'our' Shakespeare withthat of his contemporaries; it is rather that different historical periodshave constructed a 'different Homer and Shakespeare for their own purposes,and found in these texts elements to value or devalue, though, not necessarilythe same ones. All literary works, in other words, are 'rewritten' if onlyunconsciously, by the societies which read them; indeed there is no readingof a work which is not also a 're-writing'. No work, and no current evaluationof it, can simply be extended to new groups of people without being changed,perhaps almost unrecognizably, in the process; and this is one reason whywhat counts as literature is a notably unstable affair .

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Society influences literature in many ways, and the connections of literature with society are integral and pervasive. In fact, the range for social influences on literature is as broad as the entire range of operative social forces: the prevailing system of social organization—including the class structure, the economic system, the political organization and the deeply rooted institutions; the dominant ideas; the characteristic emotional tone; the sense of the past and then pattern of the contemporary realities. There is nothing in the compass of social life that does not play its part—small or large, directly or by deflection, giving literature the impress of its surroundings. The relation between literature and society is highly complex, and it is very difficult to determine which element of society has exerted what influence on literature. We cannot, therefore, afford to isolate a single element in society—whether economic or ideological—and assign to it a causal role in the final determination of literature. The whole of the social process—including material, conceptual, emotional and institutional elements—may be regarded as containing the potential influences determining the direction and character of literature of a period. In each period in the history of a nation, a certain social situation is brought into the area of operative influence, which is different from any other social situation....

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Next to poetry, the drama is another mirror of society. The drama is partly a creation of imagination and partly of real life. the earlier dramas in every country are a more faithful picture of society than the later dramas, probably because the creator of poetry or drama at an earlier state of human history is far more imaginative than at the later stages which are marked by the production of prose literature such as the story, the novel, the tale and other. Of course, the essay probably the only form of prose literature which is the least faithful mirror of society although some of the essayists like Charles Lamb, Stevenson, Charlyle, Huxley, Churchill and other more modern writers of prose have reflected much of their contemporary life in their works. Biographies and histories are particularly intended to serve as the mirror of society.

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Wayne C. Booth was a George M. Pullman Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus in English Language and Literature at the University of Chicago. He was a famous critic of literature and …

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But the most realistic forms of literature are the stories and the novels. The stories and the novels which deal particularly with the problem of social, economic and political life of a country are bound to reflect contemporary history, while those of other which deal with psychological problems are comparatively more imaginary and less real. A few of the stories and novels deal exclusively with historical themes, and such works are essentially realistic and serve as the correct picture of society. The novels of Scott., Galsworthy, Bankim Chandra, Sarat Chandra, Prem Chand, Chekov, Turginev, Maupassant are of this type. Most of the modern stories and novels of Russia and India are realistic and they do reflect the society of the times of their countries. the stories and novels of America or France or even of England have still in them a great element of imagination, and therefore, they, are the best mirror of society.