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That Tweet above represents the death of a literature, and it is an attitude that has been institutionalized at all levels within the core SF community. Far from being the endpoint of diversity, it is the casual and oblivious other side of the mainstreaming of bigotry. "Books by men feels weird." How does one even process that from within a literary movement; how did it come about? What is a group of aggressive anti-oppression crime-fighters doing in SF? Intersectionalism smacks of a group of unemployed vigilantes who sit around and make up crimes and laws that don't exist in order to create business, or in this instance, make a case against a targeted group. This is a group of villagers with torches whose existence is permanent and pre-dates Frankenstein's monster. The line between that and candlelight vigils over rape hoaxes is a very thin one.

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Another tell-tale sign you're dealing with radical gay feminism as the core doctrine in the SFF community is you hear (mostly women) people talk about "agency." Agency isn't as simple as giving a woman something meaningful to do in a story but once again comes to us from Jacques Derrida and the poststructualists via Judith Butler. The idea is that through repetition, the presence of women - in a book for example - will eventually work to include women in every nook and cranny of literature and then society through a type of linguistic and visual normalization. Reality is produced by consciously willing it into being and is seen as a revolutionary and subversive act to break the chains of societal constraint. However this corrupt idea would mean that the last 7,000 years of history may well have seen a matriarchy rather than a male dominated world if woman had chanced on the idea of using societal illusions to ensure their dominance instead of men. In that case it would've been oppressed men willing themselves where they were not through repetition until they became fully equal to women. It's no surprise that we once again encounter a self-contradictory idea that is more about (literally) wishful thinking and convenience than reality. Fifty years after the feminist revolution freezer warehouses across the nation are still virtually 100% men. The truth is that men have innate diverse, aggressive and wide-ranging interests that have nothing to do with willing them into reality. The idea that cultures separated by oceans all stumbled onto the illusory secret of oppressing women through heterosexuality and convincing them they can't be equal is daffy.

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For myself, I make a clear distinction between "politics" and hatred. No matter which side you're on when it comes to abortion, the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, communism and a host of other societal expressions, they are legitimate dialogues. Demonizing people because of their ethnic heritage, sex or sexual expression is neither "politics" nor legitimate. You cannot demonize whites for Jim Crow, slavery or Japanese internment in WW II any more than you can demonize Arabs for terrorism, blacks for crime or gay folks for pedophilia for the simple reason so many had nothing to do with those things. We live in the 21st century and pretending any group which ever benefited from racial prejudice or war should have a shoe fitted to them forever is stupid. There may have been actual and real ethnic privilege at times in history for whites, Japanese or Arabs but there is no reason to spread that beyond their historic boundaries and freeze them in place or drag them far into the past or future. That is simply hatred. What social justice warriors in SFF do on their Twitter feeds with old headlines about Nelson Mandela or black riots in America is no different than obsessively posting stories every week about Japanese atrocities in China. Talking about historic crime and freezing it in place are two different things. One doesn't slap Japanese and German tourists but intersectionalists essentially single out straight white males for that special sort of attention and call it "social justice." All the toxicity in SFF isn't about "politics" but can be traced back to one single thing: the demonization of people based on what they were the day they were born. Eliminate that, kick out the bigots hiding behind "politics" by using SFF convention rules about harassment and this divide would be over tomorrow. There have been divisions in SFF about actual and real "politics" for 100 years, and they have never produced the divide we see today. That's because that divide wasn't based on a photograph, nor the literature for that matter.

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The problem with those Tweets doesn't reside in the Tweets themselves, but in the idea if anyone else does it (and in fact whites, men and heterosexuals in SFF do not ideologically promote their own identities) it's racist and supremacist. The other problem is it is stipulated there are in fact such anti-non-white racist and supremacist currents in the SFF community, but there is no institutional opposite to those Tweets within the SFF community - none at all. No one is Tweeting "Buy American SF," or "White Men in Horror now..." Yet it is asserted by the race and gender ideology that lays behind the political correctness within SFF that that is exactly the case and that it is WRONG to do so. It is a lie to say that type of white male advocacy is happening, and an easily proven lie. Not only that, it is a paranoid lie, since it can be so easily shown the only supremacists engaging in supremacy are the politically correct themselves. One has to be delusional to maintain a thing is true when you can't produce evidence of it and yet indulge wholesale in that act yourself, strewing about hundreds of quotes to that exact effect. Not only is no one advocating white literature, men can't even use the word "lady" without the second retweeter, the Hugo-nominated Foz Meadows, by employing her own with "old white guys," a rather eccentric methodology to be sure, and one where hypocrisy becomes a positive binding principle. In fact the racialized language Meadows uses is as common on her side of the fence as it is uncommon on the so-called racist other side of the fence, as you will learn in this book.

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Performing Inauthenticity. Knut Andreas Grimstad Ursula Phillips. On a widely held alternative view, legitimacy is linked to the. Essays on Polish Prose. Asian America and Alternative Identity Politics The Journal of English Language and Literature.

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Meanwhile, in of James Tiptree, Jr.: The Double Life of Alice B. Sheldon by Julie Phillips, Avakian writes "Alice Bradley grew up brilliant and miserable, with a starlet’s looks, the mind of a genius..." to absolutely no fanfare or crying. Don't expect any cries of Avakian as a typical middle-class middle-aged white woman used in the pejorative sense of stupidity and immorality being inherent in that description. The idea the Foz Meadows would drag out her blunted wit and suppressed pencils and go after Avakian is a mad dream. Avakian has a protected identity - an identity protected from hate speech - and one that institutionalizes hypocrisy, because right and wrong isn't what you do, it is literally embedded in who you are. In the SFF PC community, "bigotry" is literally a word that is no longer race and gender neutral. If your mind is that far gone, exactly what kind of literature will you produce? The easy answer is that people with the minds of spoiled bratty lady of the flies children will produce a pie-charted pre-teen steampunky zombie world of bi-sexual ninja girls to match. They'll never respect let alone produce something like the United States Constitution, but what is fair play compared to having your cake and eating it too?