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As African Americans' place in American society has changed over the centuries, so has the focus of African-American literature. Before the , the literature primarily consisted of memoirs by people who had escaped from slavery; the genre of included accounts of life under slavery and the path of justice and redemption to freedom. There was an early distinction between the literature of and the literature of born in the North. Free blacks expressed their oppression in a different narrative form. Free blacks in the North often spoke out against slavery and racial injustices by using the spiritual narrative. The spiritual addressed many of the same themes of slave narratives, but has been largely ignored in current scholarly conversation.

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The historical significance of these stories and the emphasis on equality places a connotation of acceptance and availability of equal opportunity to all persons regardless of color, social class, age, race, gender, or personal situation. African Americans are able to tell their personal stories of struggles and triumphs through literature. This literature is a valuable tool for all persons wanting to educate themselves about significant times in American history. References Young, A. (1996). African American Literature: A brief Introduction and Anthology. New York, New York: HarperCollins College Publishers.

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ONE WAY OF UNDERSTANDING Kenneth W. Warren’s is as a book about literary history, about a period, now over, in which writing by black people was oriented toward a response to the conditions of Jim Crow. In an exchange between Warren and Henry Louis Gates, Jr., in the But for precisely the reason that Gates wishes he had, Warren didn’t call it Negro literature — the negro himself — is comfortably a thing of the past: Gates and Warren are professors of African American not Negro Studies; there are hundreds of universities and colleges that grant degrees in Black or African American studies, but not one that grants a degree in Negro studies. Warren’s point in insisting on “African American” is to insist that, even while eagerly putting the Negro behind it, African American literature has just as eagerly hung on to the legacy of Jim Crow, has mistakenly continued to understand racial disparity as the lynchpin of American inequality and thus, to put all his cards on the table, has become a force that works against rather than for the equality it imagines itself to seek. (And to put all mine on the table, Warren, Adolph Reed and I are working together on a book, , about neoliberalism and the current politics of race.)

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African American literature does little more than to summon the past as guarantor of the altruistic interests of the current elites and to express this cadre’s proprietary interest in the tastes and habits of the more exploited members of our society under circumstances in which the success of these elites has less and less to do with the type of social change that would make a profound difference in the fortunes of those at the bottom of our socioeconomic order.

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Most prolific and well-known African American writers are women; however there is quite a lot of literature about African American men, their role in society and their identity in fiction and non-fiction. In spite of this fact it is also true that although there is a lot of attention being paid to them, but the increasing distorted lives of young Black men, their social and metaphorical extinction has been a subject of many Black male writers, who through their work have tried to indicate that black males are not just experiencing problems they are literally disappearing. Similarly when discussing the role and social identity of black men , especially in American literature one cannot ignore the role of Western culture which has shaped and molded their lives, simultaneously negating their roots and tradition. It cannot be denied that literary scholars have paid more attention the oppressed black women, while the idea of oppressed males has not been explored as extensively as in feminist literature. Wallace in his book claims that:

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Of course, this isn’t exactly the way we intellectuals actually think of ourselves. Virtually every book and article devoted to denouncing the insidious persistence of racism also has a harsh word or two for the inequities of class. But the problem is not just that more attention is paid to race (and gender and sexuality and disability and every possible site of discrimination) than to class; it’s that our emphasis on anti-discrimination has itself turned into a technology of domination, an effort to ensure that everybody has equality of access to markets so that the inequalities produced by the markets themselves can then be regarded with relative equanimity. is designed to undo this equanimity. Presenting itself as a relatively modest account of what , the book is in fact a brilliant and ambitious attack on what . It consigns African American literature to the past not because it seeks to deny the existence of ongoing racial inequality but because it wants to question the politics of our commitment to overcoming it. And it argues not that we can make the world a better place just by acting as if race doesn’t matter but that, by acting as if race is the thing that matters most, we make it worse.