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We know by now that masculinity has moved beyond a single, stable benchmark against which all male behavior can be read. What we don’t know is what’s next, and the essays here help us envision the possibilities of what the future of masculinities studies might hold. What all of these readings do, to various degrees, can be applied to the reading of any work of literature, and I would suggest other works of art as well. They teach us how to note and interpret the many visions and versions of masculinity that we come upon as we move through the business of making sense and lessons out of whatever reading and interpreting we may do.”

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Masculine Dominance of Australianness in Australian Literature Throughout the history of Australian writing, traditional stories and verses created images of Australia capturing the culture and the lifestyle like a photograph. Being a new settlement, Australia was at the time without cultural limitations to determine its direction. This freedom provided the authors a clean slate from which to build their stories and poems opposed to the traditions and conventions or viewpoints inherited from Britain. Without any predetermined direction or structured government influence, written media provided the conduit for the development of Australian culture. This essay will examine the images created in early literary works primarily through character analysis as much of the true essence of the culture could is reflected in their personality. This paper will argue that images and constructions of antiauthoritarianism, mateship and larrikinism found in these literary works provide a link to the development of an Australian image. Examination of these three themes in respect to gender will show that masculinity continued to dominate the context of early poetry and prose and later novels with very little feminine influence. This essay will show that the image of Australianness is fundamentally masculine with little or no recognition of a feminine equivalent developed by a traditionally masculine literary society.

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