Example of an expository (explanatory) thesis statement:

You’re really going to need to narrow your topic down in order to write a good thesis statement here. What aspect of nutrition are you trying to tackle? For example, you might talk about promoting nutrition in school lunch menus, or you might talk about efforts to educate the American population about common sense nutrition… without a clear, focused topic, a thesis statement will be hard to write.

Example of an argumentative thesis statement:

What will be the appropriate thesis statement for the essay ‘WHY I STUDY IN ENGLISH LITERATURE’ ?

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I need a thesis statement for my argumentative essay against zoos

I have question if is possible that you check an essay and judge if is good. I don ‘ t Ask for checking errors just for a look on general shape of it. Few teachers check our essays and with group of people we try to find a way to satisfy each of them enough to pass our exams. But is hard As they don’ t give us any clues.

hi ,please i need a thesis on this argumentative essay, leaders are born,not made

This post dissects the components of a good thesis statement and gives 10 thesis statement examples ..

Each reason you choose should be supported in your paper. For instance, if reason 1 is “my improved thesis statements,” give an example of a thesis statement you wrote early on and one you wrote later that was much improved.

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It was very helpful and it guided me how to develop a well argumentative thesis statement. Can you check my thesis statements, or perhaps essays, on few topics which i believe could come in an upcoming exam i am preparing for?
Your thesis statement simply needs to serve as a mini outline for the points you’ll be addressing in your essay. An example structure could be:

for creating a thesis statement and …

Hi there–this sounds more like an informative essay than an argumentative one, so your thesis statement will serve as a mini-outline. Your structure might be like this:

This resource provides tips for creating a thesis statement and examples of different types of thesis statements.

thesis statements, or perhaps essays, ..

11. What is a proposal anyway? A good proposal should consist of thefirst three chapters of the dissertation. It should begin with a statementof the problem/background information (typically Chapter I of the dissertation),then move on to a review of the literature (Chapter 2), and conclude witha defining of the research methodology (Chapter 3). Of course, it shouldbe written in a future tense since it is a proposal. To turn a good proposalinto the first three chapters of the dissertation consists of changingthe tense from future tense to past tense (from "This is what I wouldlike to do" to "This is what I did") and making any changesbased on the way you actually carried out the research when compared tohow you proposed to do it. Often the intentions we state in our proposalturn out different in reality and we then have to make appropriate editorialchanges to move it from proposal to dissertation.

I need help writing a thesis statement for my Argumentative essay/ research paper on Cinderella by Grimm brothers VS. the Disney version

Thesis - Examples and Definition of Thesis

Hi there, sounds like you need an expository thesis statement that simply lays out your paper (it’s like a mini-outline of what you’re going to write about). So for example: