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Mr. Aldrich has studied the life of A Bad Boy as the pleasant reprobate led it in a quiet old New England town twenty-five or thirty years ago, where in spite of the natural outlawry of boyhood he was more or less part of a settled order of things, and was hemmed in, to some measure, by the traditions of an established civilization. Mr. Clemens, on the contrary, has taken the boy of the Southwest for the hero of his new book, [] and has presented him with a fidelity to circumstance which loses no charm by being realistic in the highest degree, and which gives incomparably the best picture of life in that region as yet known to fiction. The town where Tom Sawyer was born and brought up is some such idle, shabby little Mississippi River town as Mr. Clemens has so well described in his piloting reminiscences, but Tom belongs to the better sort of people in it, and has been bred to fear God and dread the Sunday-school according to the strictest rite of the faiths that have characterized all the respectability of the West. His subjection in these respects does not so deeply affect his inherent tendencies but that he makes himself a beloved burden to the poor, tender-hearted old aunt who brings him up with his orphan brother and sister, and struggles vainly with his manifold sins, actual and imaginary. The limitations of his transgressions are nicely and artistically traced. He is mischievous, but not vicious; he is ready for almost any depredation that involves the danger and honor of adventure, but profanity he knows may provoke a thunderbolt upon the heart of the blasphemer, and he almost never swears; he resorts to any stratagem to keep out of school, but he is not a downright liar, except upon terms of after shame and remorse that make his falsehood bitter to him. He is cruel, as all children are, but chiefly because he is ignorant; he is not mean, but there are very definite bounds to his generosity; and his courage is the Indian sort, full of prudence and mindful of retreat as one of...

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Protagonist Tom Sawyer is introduced together with his friends Joe Harper and Huck Finn, young boys growing up in the antebellum South. While the novel was initially met with lukewarm enthusiasm, its characters would soon transcend the bounds of their pages and become internationally beloved characters, inspiring numerous other author’s works and characters and adaptations to the stage, television, and film. The second novel in his Tom Sawyer adventure series, Huckleberry Finn (1885), was met with outright controversy in Twain’s time but is now considered one of the first great American novels. A backdrop of colourful depictions of Southern society and places along the way, Huck Finn, the son of an abusive alcoholic father and Jim, Miss Watson’s slave, decide to flee on a raft down the Mississippi river to the free states. Their river raft journey has become an oft-used metaphor of idealistic freedom from oppression, broken family life, racial discrimination, and social injustice. Ernest Hemingway wrote “All modern American literature comes from one book by Mark Twain called Huckleberry Finn.”

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“Well,” Huck says, when the king and the duke stage their lost-brother routine, “if ever I struck anything like it, I’m a nigger.” Mistaken for Tom Sawyer late in the novel, Huck invents a steamboat disaster to explain his delayed appearance to Aunt Sally:

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Though the movie is preceded by the preface of the book “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer“, in which Mark Twain talks about trying “to pleasantly remind adults of what they once were themselves”, it is obvious that he and Norman Taurog and David Selznick, the director and producer of the movie, had two different primary audiences in mind. Consequently, their concepts and as sets of artistic techniques and means differ to a great extent.

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The scenes involving Mr. Dobbins were changed in the movie, and his dreams and desires remained behind the screen. Mark Twain portrays him as a middle-aged village schoolmaster who has unfulfilled ambitions, because he has always wanted to be a doctor, but had no money to study for a physician. Every day he reads a book on medicine in the schoolroom and fantasizes about being a doctor. Every student at school is intrigued about the contents of the mysterious book. Therefore, when Becky notices a key in the lock of the desk where the mysterious book is kept, she can not resist the temptation to get that book. Tom Sawyer appears just in time to catch Becky in the act, and Becky accidentally tears one of the precious book’s pages. However, Tom claims responsibility for her actions, and such a noble deed finally leads to their reconciliation.