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The so-called attacks against the PC are generally along the lines of SFF literature being in English, a white Table of Contents, a male-heavy book display, anomalous, anonymous, unquantifiable or decontextualized sexual harassment, and passive scenarios they portray as "microaggressions." The dumb satire there is those supposed attacks against the PC are not as pointedly racist, sexist, dehumanizing and demonizing as those which come from the PC themselves, unless you're dumb enough to see a white Table of Contents, microaggressions or all-male book display as a cross-burning.

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But literature cannot be reduced to this conservative social function: it is scarcely the purveyor of ‘family values’ but makes seductive all manner of crimes, from Satan’s revolt against God in Milton Paradise Lost to Raskolnikov’s murder of an old woman in Dostoevski Crime and Punishment. It encourages resistance to capitalist values, to the practicalities of getting and spending. Literature is the noise of culture as well as its information.

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What we have here, after all, is an institution based on the possibility of saying anything you can imagine. This is central to what literature is: for any orthodoxy, any belief, any value, a literary work can mock it, parody it, imagine some different and monstrous fiction. From the novels of the Marquis de Sade, which sought to work out what might happen in a world where action followed a nature conceived as unconstrained appetite, to Salman Rushdie The Satanic Verses which has caused so much outrage for its use of sacred -37- ames and motifs in a context of satire and parody, literature has been the possibility of fictionally exceeding what has previously been thought and written. For anything that seemed to make sense, literature could make it nonsense, go beyond it, transform it in a way that raised the question of its legitimacy and adequacy. Literature has been the activity of a cultural elite, and it has been what is sometimes called ‘cultural capital’: learning about literature gives you a stake in culture that may pay off in various ways, helping you fit in with people of higher social status.

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Literature is defined as books and other written works, especially those considered to have creative or artistic merit or lasting value.

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Literature as fiction One reason why readers attend to literature differently is that its utterances have a special relation to the world–a relation we call ‘fictional’. The literary work is a linguistic event which projects a fictional world that includes speaker, actors, events, and an implied audience (an audience that takes shape through the work’s decisions about what must be explained and what the audience is presumed to know). Literary works refer to imaginary rather than historical individuals ( Emma Bovary, Huckleberry Finn), but fictionality is not limited to characters and events.

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Benedict Anderson argues, in Imagined Communities: Reflections on the Origin and Spread of Nationalism, a work of political history that has become influential as theory, that works of literature–particularly novels–helped to create national communities by their postulation of and appeal to a broad community of readers, bounded yet in principle open to all who could read the language. ‘Fiction’, Anderson writes, ‘seeps quietly and continuously into reality, creating that remarkable confidence of community in anonymity which is the hallmark of modern nations. To present the characters, speakers, plots, and themes of English literature as potentially universal is to promote an open yet bounded imagined community to which subjects in the British colonies, for instance, are invited to aspire. In fact, the more the universality of literature is stressed, the more it may have a national function: asserting the universality of the vision of the world offered by Jane Austen makes England a very special place indeed, the site of standards of taste and behaviour and, more important, of the moral scenarios and social circumstances in which ethical problems are worked out and personalities are formed.